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Zasoli, the power plant combining CSP Fresnel and biomass, is under construction in Noto, Sicily.

With its electrical power of 200 kW this plant gives great contribution in the stability of energy distribution. Due to the innovative mix of CSP Fresnel and Biomass, Zasoli does not need any heat storage system and no “unrenewable fuel” is request.

On the other hand the CSP technology shrink the annual consumption of biomass raising the sustainability of the project.

This hybrid power plant can work for more than 8.000 hours per year at the maximum power as well as it can adapt its power to the grid requests reducing its power production to less than 80 kW.

Of course innovation does not stop just to thermal generation side of the plant, the power block has been realized combinating in series a steam microturbine and an ORC-one to have one of the greatest efficiency for this size and type of plant.

Zasoli project was inside nominations for CSP Award 2012 in the category Dispatchability.

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