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Biogas Plants

In 2012, in Sardinia, FERA Group initiated the construction of two biogas plants for the production of thermal and electric energy from anaerobic fermentation of organic raw materials.

Biogas is a natural process, synergistic with territorial concerns, that makes use of vegetable biomass, agricultural and agro-industrial by-products, and, lastly, livestock manure, waste that would otherwise have a significant environmental impact, and instead, subjected to the natural digestion process, is transformed into renewable fertilizer.

The biogas sector forms a production chain that has immediate positive effects on national employment, offering development opportunities for agricultural companies, industrial technological supply companies and livestock enterprises.

FERA Group’s biogas plants use short supply chains that promote territorial economic development opportunities while maximizing the recovery of matter and energy from agricultural production, sourcing biomass through AGRIFERA Srl., to date one of the largest agricultural enterprises in Sardinia.