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2050 Scenario



March 2018 – Online now is a new research study by GSE that assesses the performance of Italy in working towards the 2020 objectives for renewable energy sources (RES), with in-depth analyzes at regional levels and comparisons with the other 28 European Union countries.

From the study “Renewable Sources in Italy and Europe: Towards 2020 Objectives”: 

“Italy is third in terms of energy consumption from renewable sources, with 21.1 Mtoe, out of a total of 195 Mtoe consumed by the 28 European Union member countries. In percentage terms, Italy accounts for approximately 11% of Europe’s renewable energy consumption. The different GSE elaborations, based on national and European official statistics updated to 2016, show, with unprecedented data, the positive path followed so far by Italy towards the 2020 objectives, now superseded, as well as the excellent positioning of the country compared to many European partners in terms of RES uses both for electricity generation and for heat production, and, finally, in the transport sector.


European Commission – Press Release

Energy Roadmap 2050: a secure, competitive and low-carbon energy sector is possible


Brussels, 15 December 2011 – To achieve the goal of cutting emissions by over 80% by 2050, Europe’s energy production will have to be almost carbon-free. How to achieve this without disrupting energy supplies and competitiveness is the question answered by the Energy Roadmap 2050 the Commission is presenting today. Based on the analysis of a set of scenarios, the document describes the consequences of a carbon free energy system and the policy framework needed. This should allow member states to make the required energy choices and create a stable business climate for private investment, especially until 2030.

Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger stated: “Only a new energy model will make our system secure, competitive and sustainable in the long-run. We now have a European framework for the necessary policy measures to be taken in order to secure the right investments”.

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