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In December 2021, the “Cascinassa” wind farm came into operation, located on an elevated position in Cairo Montenotte, in the province of Savona, Liguria.

Five Vestas V136 wind turbines, which are capable of transforming wind energy into clean electricity, will be able to supply energy to approximately 21,500 households.

This energy will avoid the emission of 16,600 tons of CO2, 33 tons of Methane and 83 tons of N2O into the atmosphere.

Given the size of the wind turbine components, their transportation is considered as “exceptional” and, as for the Rocche Bianche park, we opted for the use of a “blade lifter” system, an innovative hydraulic lift that raises the blade, thus allowing it to pass on otherwise inaccessible roads.

To date, with its 20 MW of installed power, it is the most powerful wind farm in Liguria and Northern Italy.

It is part of a beech forest, in an area bordering the Adelasia Reserve, the only private protected area in the Bormida Valley, of particular botanical and faunistic interest, as well as historical (from the Middle Ages to the Napoleonic era).

The characteristics of the Reserve, rich in waters that collect in numerous streams and canals, which have pools and waterfalls, favoring the development of woods with species of plants and animals typical of cool and humid climates.

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