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Cinque Stelle


Three ENERCON E-48 wind turbines and an ENERCON E-53 wind turbine of 800kW, for a total installed power of 3.2 MW.

The first three wind turbines went into operation in 2007. The fourth in 2011.

Cinque Stelle (Five Stars) it is the first wind farm built by FERA in Liguria, in the same municipality where Sandro Pertini (seventh President of the Italian Republic) was born.

This area is part of the Giovo Mountain Community and the Beigua Regional Natural Park. Cinque Stelle is part of an area which is rich in nature. The site area is mostly used as grassland, surrounded by a forest (of mainly pines, holm oaks and chestnuts). From these wide-open spaces there are enchanting views of the coast.

In 2007, jointly with the Municipality of Tocco da Casauria (Pescara), the Cinque Stelle wind farm won a PIMBY (Please In My Back Yard) award.

Recognition: “For having contributed to demonstrating how infrastructure and environmental protection can be reconciled when particular consideration is given to environmental balance and the harmony of the landscape”.

In 2008, again thanks to the FERA wind farm, Stella won the “I live sustainable” award and the prestigious Klimaenergy Award.

Recognition: “The municipality has built a wind farm consisting of three wind turbines each with 800 kW of power. Thanks to its annual production, it actively contributes to compliance with Kyoto Protocol and provides an ethical example of energy sustainability.

Furthermore, various ante and post-operam initiatives have been undertaken to involve citizens in the decision-making process and to make them share in the benefits deriving from the project”.

Along the track that leads to the wind farm, FERA has created “Le Vie del Vento” ( The Ways of the Wind), an educational path which accompanies visitors to discover the territory and wind energy: twelve panels dedicated to wind technology, birdlife and chiropter fauna, flora, fungi and the mitigation of impacts.

Since it came into operation, due to the environmental value of the area and substantial restoration work carried out by FERA, Cinque Stelle is consistently visited by schoolchildren, university students, families and tourists.

The educational path of Cinque Stelle educational 

To organise an educational visit contact: info@ferasrl.it

Photos of Cinque Stelle Wind Farm


  • Production started: 2007
  • Installed power: 3.2 MW
  • Annual production: Equal to the annual electricity consumption of 3.000 households
  • CO2 saved a year: 4,000 tonnes
  • Barrels of unburned oil (over 20 years): 200,000
  • Total savings (over 20 years): €17 million



  • Power rating: 800 kW
  • Diameter: 48 m
  • Height: 45 m