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Naso di Gatto

Four 2.3 MW ENERCON E82 wind turbines, with a total installed power of 9.2 MW.

Naso di Gatto (Cat’s Nose) is the largest wind farm in Liguria. Situated in a wooded area which is crossed by the trails of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri.

Like Cinque Stelle, Naso di Gatto is also located on an elevated area immersed in nature. It extends over three neighbouring areas: Savona, Cairo Montenotte and Albisola Superiore, near Monte San Giorgio. The landscape is typical of the Ligurian countryside, characterized by woodland.

Within the wind farm there is a breath taking stretch of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, which FERA has restored as part of the post construction, thus enhancing the landscape and accessibility.

Naso di Gatto was built on a territory which was the first in Italy to welcome the entry of Napoleon Bonaparte and the ideas that, thanks to him, have brought a wave of social and cultural modernization.

Like Napoleon two centuries ago, Naso di Gatto is open to modernization and innovation. Financed by the two largest banks in France and Italy, and built with German technology, Naso di Gatto wind farm represents a new, peaceful, innovative and ecological vision of the European Union.

FERA has also built an educational path in collaboration with the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri: eleven information panels that accompany visitors along the roads that cross the area.

The Naso di Gatto educational trail

To organize an educational visit, contact info@ferasrl.it.

Photos of the wind farm Naso di Gatto


  • Production started: 2012
  • Installed power: 9.2 MW
  • Annual production: electricity needs of 8,000 households
  • CO2 saved a year: 11,000 t.
  • Barrels of unburned oil (over 20 years): 600,000
  • Total saving (over 20 years): Euro 45 million


  • 4 Enercon E82
  • Power rating: 2.3 MW
  • Diameter: 82 m
  • Height: 78 m