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Cairo Montenotte


Six ENERCON E53 wind turbines, with a total installed power of 4.8 MW.

Valbormida came into operation in 2008, just as the nearby La Rocca wind farm, in Pontinvrea.

The site extends to the north-east of the settlement of the Montenotte Superiore district, along the border with the Municipality of Albisola Superiore, between La Crocetta and Cima della Biscia, and entirely within the municipality of Cairo Montenotte (Savona). The six wind turbines are situated in a beech coppice wooded area.

In 2008, Valbormida was the largest wind farm built in Liguria, and when operations also began at the nearby La Rocca wind farm, the Liguria Region doubled its production of electricity from wind sources, going, within a just few months, from 9 to 18 wind turbines installed within its territory.

Images of the Valbormida Wind Farm


  • Production start: 2008
  • Installed power: 4.8 MW
  • Annual production: electricity needs of 5,000 households
  • CO2 saving per year: 8,000 tonnes
  • Oil barrel saving (over 20 years): 400,000
  • Total trade balance saving (over 20 years): Euro 30 million


  • 6 Enercon E53 turbines
  • Nominal power: 800 kW
  • Diameter: 53 m
  • Height: 60 m