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Vento di Zeri


Five 2 MW VESTAS V90 wind turbines for a total installed power of 10 MW.

The Vento di Zeri (Wind of Zeri) wind farm is located in the municipality of Zeri, in Lunigiana, on Monte Colombo at a height of between 1,100 and 1,300 meters.

On the border between the provinces of Massa Carrara and Parma, the area surrounding the plant is home to beech, chestnut, mountain meadows of various stretches and pastures.

The economy of the area is mostly dedicated to sheep farming and tourism, thanks to the beauty of the location and the presence of the Zum Zeri ski resort at Passo Dei Due Santi.

On the road that leads to the Passo dei Due Santi, there is Formentara, an ancient pasture of masonry huts intended to house transhumant shepherds and now completely uninhabited and unsafe.


  • Start of production: December 2013
  • Installed power: 10 MW
  • Annual production: equal to the annual electricity consumption of 7,000 households.
  • CO2 saved a year: 10,000 tonnes
  • Barrels of unburned oil (over 20 years): 700,000
  • Total savings (over 20 years): Euro 40 million


  • 5 Vestas V90
  • Power rating: 2 MW
  • Diameter: 90 m
  • Height: 80 m