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FERA supports a range of educational projects concerning wind energy with the goal of informing primary and secondary school pupils about wind energy and how this type of energy production is central in the fight against climate change


FERA educational projects aim to stimulate interest in wind power plants through so-called “school tourism” and the direct engagement of both pupils and families.

Projects include two phases, classroom activities which are then followed by a visit to a wind farm.

In addition to giving an in-depth overview of general climate change, classroom activities deal with topics that are then contextualized during the visit to the wind power plant.

On the visit, students will have the opportunity to see turbines up close in their natural environment. They can listen to the sound of the moving blades, and learn first-hand about the theory of energy transformation, from kinetic to electrical energy, and the design of the wind farm.

For primary and secondary school pupils of ages 9 to 13, FERA has also prepared a special wind energy manual (Click to download “Eolino, and the Energy of the Wind”).

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