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We borrow the Earth from our children.

CLEAN electricity


We produce clean electric and thermal energy, utilizing natural renewable energy sources without introducing harmful substances to man and the environment into the atmosphere.

In May 2013, the WWF issued a warning following the publication of research by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, indicating that the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) present in the atmosphere has now exceeded 400 parts per million:

On a global level, communities and governments are already struggling to respond to drought, poor harvests and extreme weather events, even in rich countries such as the United States. If CO2 levels continue to rise, it will be increasingly difficult to adapt to climate change … With a rapid global shift towards renewable and clean energy, supported by strong energy efficiency measures, we should be able to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and ultimately stabilize and reduce its concentration. Electricity costs from renewable sources have dropped dramatically, and, in 2011, renewable energy investments exceeded fossil fuel energy investments for the very first time. Renewable energy can become ‘the new normality’.”

Mariagrazia Midulla, Head of Climate and Energy at WWF Italy, May 2013